The Defender-358-6 is a super bright light because it uses 3rd Generation LEDs in 6 modules. Very durable, this light can be used inside or outside, the control box comes with 10' of cable and provides 11 selectable patterns or order as an arrow stick. Being only 27" wide, this light fits very comfortably in the back window of an SUV and has a very low amperage draw. Power/12/24V DC Colors: Red, blue, amber, white or mixed Dimensions: 27" X 1 3/4" X 2" Flash pattern: 11 or order as an arrow stick For "Warning" or "Arrow Stick", choose one and put it in the "comments or special request" box at check out.

The G1 is the most rugged pager on the market and comes with the equipment following: G1 Pager Standard Charger 2 NiMH AA Batteries Standard 2 Yr Warranty IP67 Water Submersible and Dust Rating Top Rated RF Performance Features: 64 Channels 16 Minutes of Voice Storage 11 Minutes of Voice Memo 5 Scan Modes (Priority, Normal, Silent, Dual Channel and Free) 7 LCD Backlight colors to show which alert tones were activated Bluetooth optional (supports stereo headphones) Supports both Rechargeable AAA (included) or Alkaline batteries Available in Black, Yellow and Red! Call for pricing.
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911 Response Lights LLC is a dedicated company offering an opportunity to serve our customers, to serve their needs and solve their challenges.  We specialize in a wide variety of emergency LED lights and sirens – always acquiring the latest technology.  Not only do we market our products, we use our line of equipment ourselves so we know what works and how they work. We look forward to serving you.

911 Response Lights LLC is also a strong supporter of all our troops serving overseas!