A new mini light bar featuring 3watt GEN 5 LEDs. 14 TIR modules with 6 LEDs each giving you 84 LEDs and draws only 4 Amps. Sturdy frame and weatherproof, a light that will last a long time. Comes in 2 finishes: aluminum or black, and can come with alley lights. Mounts: Magnet is standard, but permanent mount is an option. For multiple colors, call our store.

The Commander-8100R is one of our newer lightbar, constructed onto a solid aluminum frame and uses waterproof polycarbonate lenses. Using the latest technology of all 3rd Generation 1W LEDs. Weighing in at 27 lbs and 47" wide and gives you the options of 19 patterns. Your special order can give you a light with take down, alley lights, or even an arrow stick to the rear for your safety. Comes with standard mounting brackets. Specifications: Power: 12/24V DC Standard mounting brackets Dimensions: 47" X 12" Weight: 27 lbs. Flash Pattern: 19 with 10 button programmable control head and 10' of cable. Alley and take down lights (optional) can be flashing, steady, and off function. Arrow stick (optional) to the rear. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Lens colors: order below LED colors: order below Alley lights, take down lights, see custom order below. Arrow stick: your LED colors or amber, see custom order below.
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911 Response Lights LLC is a dedicated company offering an opportunity to serve our customers, to serve their needs and solve their challenges.  We specialize in a wide variety of emergency LED lights and sirens – always acquiring the latest technology.  Not only do we market our products, we use our line of equipment ourselves so we know what works and how they work. We look forward to serving you.

911 Response Lights LLC is also a strong supporter of all our troops serving overseas!