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Patriot-8900D - $825.00

    Patriot-8900D - $825.00
Our newest Patriot Linear light bar will
surely give you the 360-degree visability
your looking for. Built from a solid
frame, 22 modules of 6 super bright (GEN
III) LEDs are built in giving you 132 LEDs
total. All controlled by a touch pad
portable or stationary control head.

Your options can include "Take-Down"
or "Alley" lights, warning to the rear or
an "Arrow-Stick".


SAE Rated

Power: 12VDC

Dimensions: 48" X 12" X 1-7/8"

Mounting: Standard mounting hardware with
ease of installation.

12' cable to control head.


Lights: 22 GEN III LED Linear modules
totalling 132 LEDs.

Conttrol: 10 touch button control pad

Colors: Red, white, blue, amber, green, or
any combination.

Options: "Take down", "Alley" "Rear Warning
or Arrow Stick".

Options to choose from: