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JVL-610D-2 - $285.00

    JVL-610D-2 - $285.00
The JVL-610D-2 is one of our
best visor lights by "Take Command" and
brings excitement with it. Very stealth
looking built into a solid body
and has up to 16 different
programs you can program. Has 10
linear modulels of 3rd Generation
LEDs and is one of the brightest
yet on the market. This super light can be
ordered with take-down lights. With it's
mounting brackets, it only takes
a few minutes to install.


Power: 12VDC

Flash patterns: 16

Colors: Red, blue, green, amber and white.
See options below.

Dimentions: 17" X 6" X 2" X2

Weight: 5 lbs. shipping

LED colors order below in options.

Options to choose from: