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Visor-101H-4L - $249.00

    Visor-101H-4L - $249.00
The Visor-101H-4L is a new interior mount
sleek looking light that makes an excellent
choice for undercover or even for the
volunteer. This is the same light as the
JVL-101H, but with 3rd Generation Linear
LED lights. This easy to use light is made
out of aluminum alloy frame polycarbonate
shield. This light is almost invisible
from the outside, the way most users prefer
it. Powered by 12 or 24V DC with a 10'
power cord with a cigarette plug. There is
a button on the frame to change to any of
your 16 patterns. It is available for
order in solid or split color combination.

Flash pattern: 16

Power: 12 or 24V DC with 10' cord

Light source: 8 1W 3rd Generation Linear
LEDs modules

Dimension: 35 1/2" (90cm) or 2 18" (45cm)

Weight: 9 lbs.

Colors: Red, blue, amber, white, or

1 year warrantee, 30 day satisfaction.

Options to choose from: