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Ultra thin mini light JMLB-558 - $300.00

    Ultra thin mini light JMLB-558 - $300.00
The JMLB-558 is an ultra-thin mini light
bar made from high brightness 3rd
Generation 1W LEDs. This 24" mini light bar
is made from an aluminum frame and durable
polycarbonate lenses, built to resists dust
and moisture. Engineered to last many years
giving you high visibilty and security you
expect, this mini light bar comes with 10
foot power cord with a cigarette plug or 5
button control box. Perfect size for public
utility or for 1st Responders.


Voltage: 12V DC

Power: 84 Watts

Flash patterns: 19

Dimensions: 24" X 12 1/4" X 7 3/8"

Mounts: Magnet

14 modules of 3rd Generation LEDs.

Alley and take down lights can be flashing,
steady, and off function.

Warranty: 1 year, 30 day Guarantee


Lamp colors: red, blue, amber, clear, or
combination. See additional options.

LED colors for clear lenses: Red, blue,
amber or white.

Options to choose from: