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JLB-8100B - $775.00

    JLB-8100B - $775.00
This super bright LED warning lights are
some of the brightest made and great for
setting up your warning zone. Using 3rd
Generation LED modules, they are built into
a sturdy aluminum frame and protected by
poly carbonated lenses to keep dust and
moisture out. You get powerful warning
with long life LEDs (rated at over
100,000 hour life span), and extremely low
amperage draw. The light operates by a
control head so all the controls are at
your finger tips. This light comes in
sizes 47", 59", 71" and 82 1/2" wide. You
can get this light with clear "take down"
or "alley" lights. Another option is a
arrow stick to the rear. Your custom light
can also be made with the rear end modules
are not hooked up so that you can connect
your brake/turn signals to it. Please
allow 2-3 weeks to be custom made for you.


Power: 12 VDC

Flash pattern: 20 with a 10 button
programable control head with a
10' wire harness.

DIMENSIONS: 12"D X 1 3/4"H X
(47",59", 71" & 82 1/2"W)

1 year warranty, 30 day
satisfaction guarantee.

Standard mounting hardware.

Options to choose from: