Patterns: 19Colors: Red, blue, amber, white, green or combinationWeight: 31 lbs.">

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The Chaser - $810.00

    The Chaser - $810.00
The Chaser-8600E is a very popular LED

light bars because it has 26 linear 3rd

Generation LED tubes. Built into a solid

aluminum frame and enclosed in a

polycarbonate lenses, this light

demonstrates 19 different pattern

controlled by a 10 button control head.

can customize your light by choosing your

colors and options of Take down, Alley

lights or directional arrow for the rear

better serve you.


Power: 12/24V DC

Universal mounting hardware

Flash Pattern: 19 with 10 button

programmable control head with 10' of

Dimensions: 48" X 12"

Alley and take down lights (optional) can


flashing, steady,or in the off function.

Arrow stick (optional) to the rear


Lens colors: order below

LED colors: order below

Alley lights, take down lights: see custom

order below.

Arrow stick, your LEd colors or amber, see

custom order below.

Options to choose from: