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Fusion 600 Single - $339.00

    Fusion 600 Single - $339.00
5 year warranty
Voltage: 9-13 VDC
SAE J595, CE certified
Meets CCR, Title 13 requirements
Dimensions: 0.95" H x 28" L 1.5" W
6, 4-watt LEDs in each module head
Built in, waterproof, encapsulated
Sturdy aluminum frame with a black finish
Thinnest LED light in the industry, under 1"
Water sealed and weather damage resistant
Features 46 warning patterns and 21
directional patterns
Reliable and sturdy installation with 10-
foot cable harness

Durable, corrosion-resistant clips for easy
installation and maintenance

Functions include directional, takedown
steady burn and takedown flashing

Powered by 12V with programmable takedowns,
work lights and stop turn lights

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