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8100L LED Light Bar - $790.00

    8100L LED Light Bar - $790.00
The JLB-8100L Ultra-Thin LED light bar
super bright 3rd Generation LEDs. They're
the lastest generation of LEDs with a wide
angle design for attention-grabbing light
output and excellent visibility from all
angles. With the option of side lights,
take down, or even an arrow stick to the
rear all compliment this professional
You get a powerful warning light with long
life LEDs (LEDs are rated at 100,000 hour
life span) and extremely low amp draw
mounted on a strong durable aluminum
Comes with standard mounting brackets.
light is ready for your custom order.


Power: 12V DC

Flash Pattern: 20 with 10 button
programmable control head with 10' of wire

Standard mounting hardware

Dimensions: 43", 47", 59", or 71" X 12"

Alley and take-down lights (optional) can
flashing, steady, or off function.

Arrow stick (optional) to the rear.


Lens colors order below

LED colors order below

Alley lights, take down lights: see custom
order below.

Arrow stick: your LED colors or amber: see
custom order below.

Options to choose from: