Dasher-682-1 - $189.00

    Dasher-682-1 - $189.00
This Dasher-682-1 is a power house of a
light gives you 4 3rd Generation Linear LED
modules for a lower price compared to
others. The outside housing is built out of
aluminum alloy and the lamp shade is made
out of polycarbonate.
For undercover or for the volunteer, this
light will be seen for quite the distance,
helping you move traffic and for your
safety. Available for you to order in your
custom colors. Mounting hardware included.

Power: 12V DC with a 10' power cord

Flash pattern: 16

Dimension: 23 1/2" X 2"

Colors: Red, blue, amber, white, or

2 year limited warranty, 30 day
satisfacion guarantee

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