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JVL-610B-2 - $249.00

    JVL-610B-2 - $249.00
The JVL-610B-2 is one of our newest
visor light bar, same frame as the
JVL-610D-2. The LED lights are the
TIR 3rd Generation 1 watt bulbs.
This light is very stealth looking
and is perfect for any squad or
response vehicle. This light bar
also has a take-down function. So,
if your looking for an interior led
lightbar, this would make an
excellent purchase. With it's
mounting brackets, it only takes a
few minutes to install.


Power: 12VDC

Patterns: 16

Dimensions: 17" X 6" X 2" each

Weight: 9 lbs shpping

Colors: Red, blue, green, amber and

Options to choose from: