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JMLB-881B - $250.00

    JMLB-881B - $250.00
The JMLB-881B is a 24" solid built with an
extruded aluminum housing. 1W 3rd
generation LED light, either lunear or
TIR (round). Smaller than a full size light
bar, this unit really throws the light when
you set up your safety zone. Comes with 10'
power cable with a control switch or a 5
button control box. Uses 14W of power and
is secured with strong magnet mounts.
Perfect size for volunteers or construction


Power: 12/24V DC - 40 Watts - 6 amps
Dimensions: 24" X 6-3/8"

Weight: 18 lbs.

Alley and take down lights can be flashing,
steady or use the off function.

Flash Pattern: 15 selectable programs


Colors: Red, blue, amber, white or mixed.
Check additional options below.

Lens color: Red, blue, amber or clear

For "alley lights" or "take down", request
in Option Box during check out.

Options to choose from: